Over the past few weeks we managed to come up with an idea and developed it enough to have a a rough script and started asking around for actors.

Here is our idea before the further development:

A man walks through town, we see a hooded figure follow him. We realise it is the same person but the stalker is disfigured. We learn about the horrid past and how they got separated. The disfigured brother has a grudge againt the other brother.

Alternative ending:

The brother turn out to be the same person. The disfigured brother is actually a dark side of the man which he tried to get rid of but it never went away.

After that we started adding more detail including the number of actors, location and additional story lines. When the idea was detailed enough to ask around for actors I made a poster which was sent to some lecturers and given out to student to invite them to come to auditions on monday 15th October.

Here is the poster:




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