A Shadow Within

This is our final edit of the short film that we made over the past four weeks. I’m pleased with the final outcome even though we had a few bumps on the way which made me a little worried about what the video will look like at the end.

I was the director of this short film and I think that overall I did ok but there are many ways that I could improve on to make the next production more successful. I was the one that came up with the idea which is why I was the one responsible for overlooking the project and I was making many decisions about the specific scenes. Unfortunately we lacked effective communication which meant that not all group members were on the same page with the project which slowed us down and meant that we had to change and compromise on some aspect of the video. Next time I will make sure that the group meets or talks regularly through out the production stages so that everyone know what we are doing and when.

I think that all of the group members did a good job but some worked harder than others which I don’t think is fair for the others.

This was a great experience to know how professional video production works and how well we work in a new environment with people from different schools and different experiences in media studies.




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