Pitch ideas

A: There is a hammering on a door, it opens to reveal a dishevelled breathless person, why? How did they get this way…

B: There is a hammering on a door, why? Dare the door be opened? If so what is revealed….


I. (A) it turns out to be the husband. He looks hurt, bleeding. Doors close and creatures which attacked him stay outside. He gets pale and weak just before he turns into them.

II. (B) A young girl, home alone looks through the peephole just to realise that nobody’s there. After opening the door she notices a young man passed out on the doorstep. She hesitates but quickly gets him inside and helps him out. She discovers a dark secret through his story and mumbling.

III. (A) The husband asks his wife to open the door. Behind it is her husband, dishevelled and breathless. He’s no longer sitting on the sofa as he was made up in his wife’s mind to compensate for the fact that he disappeared a few weeks back.



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