Outline Notes

Here are my notes on todays lecture about creating the outline in pre production of our short film:


  • Elaborate on your story
  • Proof on the page that it works and is a complete and original story idea
  • An engaging document proving that you can write clearly without confusion or over complication
Theprotagonists is the hero
Theantagonist is the bad guy/girl/alien/corporation/animal/object/government
An outline, incorporating the notion of a synopsis, is a present-tense, prose version of the intended screen narrative.
It concentrates on the main narrative story, the central protagonist and antagonist, their motivation and the essential active questions
Alien Active Question example: Can you survive against the odds?
For a feature screenplay: an outline is generally no longer that a page to a maximum of two pages in length
For your short: no longer than half a page, possibly only one or two paragraphs. Told in the present-tense
Keep to the main story and the relationships and conflicts
It is a document where you can include/write emotion
For next week: I need to choose one of my pitches and make it into an outline(less than a half page long)

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