Outline /Edited

There is a hammering on a door. A young girl, Amy is home alone. She looks through the peephole just to realise that nobody’s there. After opening the door she notices a young man passed out on the doorstep. She hesitates but quickly gets him inside and helps him out. She discovers a dark secret through his story and mumbling.

It turns out he is a scientist on the run from a big organisation. Ryan worked for a company that discovered how to control people. It was revolutionary however once he knew about the plans for the “zombie-chip” he decided to steal it and hide it from “the organisation”. Amy is now in fatal danger.

After long consideration I thought about one other idea which I could develop further. Here is the outline for my third (III.) script idea:

The husband asks his wife to open the door. Behind it is her husband, dishevelled and breathless. He’s no longer sitting on the sofa. She tries to make sense of what happened. He explains to her that he was abducted and he was away for at least a month, trying to survive in the wild and to somehow contact her.

She sits down and suddenly everything changed. Her husband is in his chair and there is knocking on the door. The husband asks his wife to open the door.


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