Five Blog Posts: II Research – Genre

Module 162MC requires us to make a script for our own short story. The best will be chosen and made into a short film in small groups. Every group will have a different genre to make the film in. I’d like to research possible film genres to be prepared for our assignment.

Silent Movie

Silent movies are the first motion pictures made. They involved a number of pictures played one after another, which is what movies are however this resulted in a movie but not sound. At the time there was no way to synchronise the video and the sound which meant that all the dialogue had to be showed on a card and the music was played on the stage as the movie went on. The most famous and one of the first motion pictures was made by a Eadweard Muybridge a photographer. Now, after over a 100 years, people still use this technique in some, more abstract productions such as The Artist.

French New Wave (La Nouvelle Vague)

Is an art movement similar to those found in graphic art(Dada, Bauhaus or De Stijl) which introduced elements to the cinema that haven’t been used before such as jump cuts, it also stressed the importance of miss-en-scene and use of close ups and little or lack of establishing shots. Started by critics from the French Journal, Cahiers du Cinema which wanted to act against the traditional French cinema which was very literal.


British ‘Kitchen Sink’ drama

or in other words the British New Wave or your everyday drama, is a British film genre which became famous by blurring the line between the different classes(working class and middle class).


Neo Realism

Similarly to the British New Wave, Neorealismo also dealt with the interactions between the different social classes(usually poor/working classes) and how mentality of people change after the war in Italy. Filmed on location(not in studios) with not well known actors and directors.

Indie Horror

Indie horror movies are basically movies in the horror genre made by independent companies or individuals. Since horror movies can create impact with low tech effects, sound and make up, it is a favourite for low budget productions and therefore popular among individual companies, D.Bordwell (1997:58). Often, that is the problem with some of the blockbuster horror movies today, they use too much money for SFX that get rid of the suspense and just reveal the plot leaving nothing to the imagination of the unsuspecting and gory loving audience.


Bollywood is a genre of movies in Hindu language which come from Mumbai (originally Bombay ergo B(h)ollywood). They are usually either action or romantic movies or both. It includes hindu music, bright, happy colours and the world recognised dances.


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