Five Blog Posts: I Process/Development – Leonard

A part of my 160MC Cabinet of Curiosities project was to create a completely new character from the collaboration of my own and my groups Cabinet of Curiosities(CC). The character had to be detailed and at the end of the project we had to present it to the class as if he went missing.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabinet of Curiosities

Firstly we decided to meet up and share our CC’s. We put all of our images, tickets, stickers, newspaper/magazine snippets and more, into one big folder. This allowed us to look through it and come up with ideas about our character.

Our initial idea was to create an 18-21 year old student who would disappear as he was going to or from university. It would be quite easy to incorporate all of our CC ideas into this one character because he is our age and we can easily relate. Saying that, we decided to scrap that idea as it was boring and too obvious.

We wanted to go in a completely different direction because as lecturers say; if something works this way then why not try and do it the completely different way… An OAP with a mental illness was our second idea. He would show sings of dementia or split personality which would make him think that he is 18 years old. After briefly researching any potential mental illnesses I realised that this is not the way those kind of illnesses work. We changed this idea once again into an older man who thinks and relives his past instead of thinking he’s literally young again. This gave us a lot to work with because as an old person, he would have a plethora of experiences and interest.

After we established our main character the rest was quite easy. We started by thinking of his name. Burt? Alfred? Gordan? Ted? Nigel? Leonard? Louis? We chose Leonard. 82 years old. Wife, Betty, died 2 years ago. This made him really sad and depressed. He was unable to take care of himself so.. his daughter Alison put him in a care home. Alison and her husband have two kids and they have money problems. This only allows them to visit Leonard on Sundays. Leonard also has two sons which are much more successful but live in Canada and Australia which makes them less likely to visit the old peoples home.

Here are some further details about Leonard which we were checked on, on one of the sessions: Character Creation

We decided to create a short video in a news report style to show the disappearance of Leonard Greaves, additionally to the presentation. This format would allow us to go straight to him being gone which eliminates the need to look for an older actor.


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