Writing a detailed treatment is the next step after writing the outline. It helps with writing the script as it shows the movie as it goes along and it allows to plan next scenes more easily. Here is the treatment for my second outline which I decided to develop further:

Its an average looking living room, small, filled with photos and memorabilia. At the back of the room is a big sofa, a wooden coffee table and two armchairs. You can clearly see the rest of the room from here as well the adjacent corridor leading to the front door. The floor is filled with plants in flowerpots of varying sizes. The big windows on the left of the sitting areas are covered. The moon is peeking through the curtains as it passes through the dark woods. Light rain is heard bouncing off their car.

Daniel, the father of two, is sitting in one of the armchairs reading a newspaper, as if in a trance. His wife Becky is slowly flipping the pages of a book while enjoying her tea. There is a knock on the door and Daniel tells his wife to answer it. She walks through a gap between the flowers which follow both walls. She can hear panting and opens the door wide. Behind the door is her husband, dishevelled and breathless. Becky looks back, he’s no longer sitting on the sofa. She tries to make sense of what happened.

Daniel smiles and hugs his wife. He tells her that he was mugged and driven out into the wild. He says that he was away for at least two weeks and he had to survive on his own in the dark forest as he got lost and couldn’t find his ways back to the village. Becky cannot believe it, we can see her expression changes as she notices the bruises and cuts on her husband. Who could possibly do that to him? She slowly walks over with him to the sofa and sits him in his favourite spot. Becky puts the kettle on and when she’s done she sits down on the sofa next to his chair.

(Alternative: Daniel smiles at his wife but that soon fades. He tells her that he was mugged just down the street. He couldn’t reach the hospital and there was no one else around so he came home. Becky suddenly realises that Daniel is badly wounded and manages to catch him as he loses his strength  and cannot stand up any longer. She drags him inside and sits him in his armchair while calling 991. Daniel is barely holding on and Becky seems to realise that as she looks him in the eyes.)

In a blink of an eye everything is back to normal, Daniel is still sitting and reading his newspaper and Becky is staring at her book, lost in her mind. She takes a sip of her tea and relaxed, leans back.

There is a knock on the door…


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