Documentary Proposal

I would like to make a documentary about my mother, Dorota. She and my sister moved from a small city in Poland to England, London, in 2006. I would tell a story of how they dealt with everyday struggles, relations, and how they climbed the success ladder and got to where they are now.

Name: Dorota Lochowska

Relationship: Mother

Job: Teacher

Born in 1966, in Lodz, Poland. She moved to a small town where I was brought up. In 2006 she moved with my sister to London where Dorota worked as a cleaner in Marriott hotel. This allowed her to stay in London however she was not satisfied with her job. After a few months, she started to work for an agency as a supply teacher. She became recognised in one of the schools and became a permanent worker, a teacher assistant. She stayed in that school and now  she’s being noticed as a good teacher. She frequently takes a role of a full time teacher and started to reinvent some learning styles for the children in her school.


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