Meeting notes – Choosing the script

Week I


Today our group meet up for a 10min meeting with our tutor. We talked about the project and what are our plans for the next few weeks. We also needed to choose one script from the group.

We read through all of our scripts and we liked them all but we choose Daisy’s Zombie Attack Script. It requires three actors, two guys and a girl as well as halloween make up, fake blood and a door number. It is a little bit complicated but we decided to take this risk because if everything is done well, it should look really good.

We chose to film it in three different genres; Silent movie, French New Wave and Indie Horror, it will allow us to be more flexible when we are all independently editing the piece.

We decided to film it on Wednesday and Thursday in two locations, Daisy’s house and my student accommodation.

Week II


"Fancy Dress Party Invitation" by Konrad Maselko

“Fancy Dress Party Invitation” by Konrad Maselko

We found the actors however not all of them could work on Wednesday therefore we moved the day of shooting to Thursday. It leaves us little time to do a lot of thing therefore planning and pre production is the key. We have started writing shot lists and storyboards as well as look for props.

I took a role of the designer of the leaflet which will appear at the end of the video.

I have also looked up how to create fake blood and realistic zombie make up and IĀ researched into silent movies but more on that in a separate post.


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