Woodland Project

A woman in her mid 40s sitting on a much too small chair right by a tree. The sun is quite low, lighting up the area with it’s golden rays. DOROTA smiles and her face shows the time that passed. The good and the bad.

Behind her is a large, grey building with equally disproportionate furniture. The city seems to engulfs the little patch of greenery saved for the young ones. We can hear kids in the background, laughing and having fun both inside as well as outside the building, most of which is covered with pavement. So far the shots are quite slow and full of colour and sound of nature and kids playing.

That will change when we start to see shots of the polluted, busy, alienating city of London. The scene is much colder and the cuts are faster, not showing the whole picture and randomly jumping from one scene to another.

Back on the school grounds surrounded by the peaceful greenery where kids are running around, hiding behind the tree, some catching the wind with big, colourful sheets and others slowly pacing through the grass with a magnifying glass looking for treasure. The cut grass suddenly becomes tall grass in the middle of a rainforest in the mind of these kids as they embark on a journey of their lifetime discovering the unknown.

Dorota continues to talk about how the Woodland Project is teaching kids independence as well as working in groups and how it improves creativity, imagination and how it encourages healthy/active lifestyle. Birds and insects sounds can be heard in the background.


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