Research – Death: The Richard Harris Collection

One of the many advantages of living in London is the possibility to go any gallery or a museum for free and soak in inspiration, opinions or simply “pretty pictures”. Last week I went to the Wellcome Collection which is a gallery featuring many exhibitions for the “incurably curious”. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any pictures however I took some notes and I might attach some images from the world wide web.

Death: A Self Portrait

Rough Notes:


Shri-chitipati -> Tim burton?

Calavera, Mondango -> 3d sculptures out of ordinary things/symbols
Elle: dans la foule – death turns the back on the crowd and stares directly at us, smiling
Kronos: Greek mythology – Allegory of time
The zizenhausener dance of death
Faces of death – George grosz
Room 3:
Les petites miseres de la guerre
Francisco Goya – Plates
Erhard schon – Army train and death – death always follows no matter how just the cause
Room 4:
Metamorphic Postcards – vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas
Patterns out of skeletons
Room 5:
Day of the dead
Room 6 :
Death in 20th Century – David McCandless



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