Poetic Eyes Feedback

On February the first we had a whole day of watching poetry videos made by the whole class. It was a long day, full of sad, inspiring, motivating, eye opening poetic short videos with many important subjects which ranged from war and cruelty to environment and being a teenager.

I think my video was not bad comparing it to the other ones. Unfortunately I had troubles with sound. It was definitely too quiet for a viewing in a classroom. Note to self: preview videos before showing them in class/edit sound during the day, without headphones on.

I was also told that I used quite strong imagery which was good because my subject is still difficult to think about but I should have used a different image for my last shot. I agree with that because out of all the footage that I used, my last shot was not as shocking as it could have been. I was suggested to use an image of kids, standing in two rows, waiting to be used as a medical experiment. I think that this image would be stronger as the final image.



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