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Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 02.22.05As a group we have many ideas for our documentary and we are developing them all. There are three ideas to choose from and now it all depends on the location permits. I have sent an email to the headteacher of Betty Layward Primary School where my mother works but I have not received a reply yet.

From my treatment it looks like the documentary about my mother would be more about the school and kids than herself so I started to think about how to make it more personal. Firstly we decided that it would be better if we film the interview in polish. This would reinforce the idea of being an immigrant and teaching the young minds of Britain in English. One other idea involves using pictures from my mums past and see her grow up in front of our eyes just as the kids will soon. Here is a test of that idea that i created in AF, it still need tweaking and possibly repositioning and timing:

I was thinking of the interview starting this way and then morphing into Dorota’s face as she is interviewed, however its all up for discussion.


One thought on “Documentary Ideas

  1. Ken Fero


    I have been through all your blog posts, some good stuff here. In terms of the P2P on Dorota you have a great character and visuals. I like your approach to the treatment (although access to the video on vimeo was set to private so i need the code) as it gave me a sense of location, lighting, audio and pacing of the finished piece. You are really considering all the implications of doing this including legal issues with the children. The stills are very evocative within themselves so try not to get too experimental as to how they are presented as any image manipulation detracts from the content. Simple fades may be best. This is an important question of pacing through the film.

    The key question I need to ask is what ail she talk about? All the visuals tell a story so what could she say which is not just about her experience but what she feels about it? I hope you were in the last workshop when I told the story of the dress!

    In the film remember our role is not to explain so the school is only interesting visually but what your mother feels is. Covering a life in 3 minutes is a challenge so do not try to fit too much in, better to tell a few tales well than cram in a lot of information. Look at it as a visual mood piece rather than an interview.

    Very good to see the MPE Reflection also. Overall impressive.


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