Logo Development

I’m not a frequent user of social networking sites and I try to keep my online identity at a minimum(e.g. I sent emails to websites like MySpace etc. to completely delete my data because it was one of the top hits on google and I was unable to access the account anyway). This is why I was a bit worried about this task. Overall I think I’m doing alright.

The first thing I was thinking about is the name for my logo. Should I use my own, full name, should I think of something new, a combination of the two? I experimented with few combinations but as of now I settled for K M Productions.

Eye Logo idea 1

I take my inspiration(and often motivation) from images and videos I see on the web(often Tumblr). The first image that got me inspired was of a white wolf with really blue/white eyes(link). It wasn’t necessarily the wolf itself but the eyes. I liked the intensity as well as the unusual colour and shape of the retinas. At that stage I used Konrad Maselko as my Production name(with the initials being much bigger). I like the colours however I do not feel the intensity in it. I added the edge effect to make it look more realistic as well as possibly create a feeling of change, uncertainty or chaos which could all be expected from a new production company… After some thinking I realised that this logo was not suited for a production company, or more precisely – myself.

I didn’t like the fact that it’s purely made in photoshop and so it doesn’t look very natural. I want my logo to look authentic and I often prefer the making of something than the final product.

Ink Logo Idea 2GrayThis inspired me to experiment with photography. I wanted to take a picture of an eye or something that could potentially look like one. Because of some basic knowledge of how fluids work I experimented with ink droplets in a bowl of milk. The milk gave me the contrast I wanted as well as a really cool effect that can be achieved by adding a few droplets of hand wash which attaches itself to water and fat molecules found in milk. I took pictures and after some light processing in photoshop I had a few interesting images. I created a few mock up logos using those images however I wasn’t completely happy with them. This is also when I decided to change the format of the the picture to be more rectangular, like a banner. I did this using one of my favourite pictures from “the shoot” however I was still unsatisfied with the look of the logo. I changed the name from simply Konrad Maselko to MAS Media/Productions which came from my surname as well as the fact that it could be read as mass media. I thought this would give the name a nice ring to it and be a bitt ironic when read as mass media because I do not necessarily intend to create content for the masses. I gave up on the idea and went back to my name.

Banner Idea LogoMy next photography experiment involved taking pictures of actual eyes using a manual 50mm macro lens borrowed from the media loan shop. I edited the eye so it’s completely black. I like the idea of mystery, darkness and not knowing what the image actually represents. I thought that it would be a good metaphor for my early work. I’m young and new to the industry which means that I will be experimenting with my film production, I don’t know what my films turn out to be like and therefore I don’t want to brand myself as something easy to interpret and obvious.

Eye-InkContinuing with the mystery element I experimented with gif images and covering the background image so it can barely be seen. I stayed with the initials as my production company name and made the letters like a cut out from the black that covers the rest of the logo, revealing a moving image. I intend to use footage that I have shot or will shoot in the future as the background. The logo will act as a kind of showreel/promo of my work. This is the logo that I’m currently using with a footage of my latest showreel(not yet uploaded):


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