Logo Analysis


This is my final logo design(however I still expect to develop it in the future). I wanted to create a logo that can tell a bit about myself but at the same time be vague and mysterious about my work. I used my initials K M as the main name and a smaller “productions” word under it. Written in “Gill Sans” regular and light which is a simple font, sans-serif, easy to read. “K” and “M” in regular thickness to make them slightly bolder and make them stand out, connoting a stronger meaning for me and a connection with my name compared to the light “productions”, which is a new part of my life and is still being developed. I didn’t want to use an overly complicated font because it could’ve taken the attention away from the rest of the logo or product/website. I like keeping things simple and straight to the point and I wanted the logo to reflect that.

(I wrote a longer post about the development process here but I will try to include a shortened version in this post.)

These are my other logo ideas which I discarded, however they helped me to get to my final logo design. I took inspiration from tumblr.com as well as youtube users: meekakitty and mondomedia.

The background image/gif is a clip from my forthcoming showreel. I think that the use of my own work as a part of my logo can act as a kind of promo/showreel in itself. As a media student, I don’t have much to show for myself but if I include it in my logos I can attract the audience to go and check out my videos. It also highlights the fact that I’m still new in the media industry and I keep experimenting and changing over time, the background can also be easily changed and developed as I find myself in the media world. I used a relatively dark but colourful/saturated image which is gentle on the eye and doesn’t necessarily catch attention in it’s intensity but it does so in the movement of the gif.

The black cover on top of the footage(except looking good) is supposed to represent mystery, not knowing, the unexplored. It ties in with the idea of exploring my own potential and future projects in media. It’s a mask that hides the yet undiscovered corners of my imagination and media production career. It also allows the font to be seen. It leaves a blank space where the footage shows the production name. I think showing the name this way works better than writing it in a plain colour. It also allows the name to change it’s meaning depending on the background.

I don’t use many social networking sites however I do occasionally use Facebook. I rarely post my work on there for all the people to see. I do use the Cover Image to display my works every now and then. I always use my own work, whether that’s a photograph, a screenshot from production of video or experimentation in Photoshop or Adobe After Effects. Being a Media Production student I feel that wherever I use my name it should be accompanied by work made by me or a group I have been a part of. This way I show what kind of work I enjoy creating as well as promote my own creations.

Additionally to Facebook and WordPress I also keep two Tumblr blogs. One for my personal use where I find inspiration and motivation for my projects and one as a portfolio for work that I have done in and outside of uni. All the work that I post belongs to therefore I decided to use my full name in the address as well as use the logo that I created in this assignment.


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