P2P Reflection – Research

Unfortunately since we had to change our ideas last minute I didn’t have much time to research the subject itself. I looked at some articles about Korean food and restaurants to give me some potential ideas for the visuals. We also found some korean music videos and short documentaries but that was about it regarding the Korean waiter, Taewon Hwang.

I was never a documentary fan however this project required me to look more into it. I have seen a few documentaries, varying in style and content to look into the codes and conventions of said styles. I started with “Supersize Me” by Morgan Spurlock and I was not impressed. Whether it was the visuals, the camera work or content, it simply looked amateurish. I think this documentary gives the wrong idea to the general public about documentaries. On the other hand this style of editing and the look appealed to the target audience.

One other documentary that I have recently watched was “The Imposter”. I really enjoyed watching this documentary however that’s partially because I enjoyed the subject; murder, mystery and delusion. One aspect of that film that I thought worked well was the reenactment of certain scenes and reactions to visualise the words spoken by the interviewees. Some might say that it is not right or it is biased to reenact scenes however I think that it works well with some documentaries and gives it some depth or simply gets the audience more engaged whereas some documentaries are too factual, well known or cover subjects that are happening right and do not require said reenactments. The cinematic feel of certain scenes and the dark, ominous and high contrast colouring gave it certain look which appealed to a wider audience. I think that in a way it resembled an episode of CSI or Bones or a similar US TV Drama. I think this “feature film/tv drama” look combined with the content made this documentary so popular.

I think that I might transfer some of the ideas or try and avoid others when editing my own documentary to create a piece that would suite my target audience as well as the subject that I’m covering.


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