P2P Reflection – Editing

After shooting the interview and reviewing the material we made a list of shots that we would like to include. We tried to follow our main idea which we came up with before the shoot however not all the shots looked as we liked and the interview went a slightly different way.

I was the main editor in the group. I did most of the editing individually with some help from my group members after showing them the rough cut.

I used footage from the interview and some cut – aways however I tried to include Taewon in most of the shots. This would give the piece some movement but at the same time it wouldn’t distract too much from the interview. We used L cuts to make the piece more interesting by not dragging on the talking too much while only showing the interviewer. We used other shots instead while Taewon was talking however we tried to keep that to minimum so that we don’t distract from the interview.

To give the video some character we played around with the brightness and contrast to emphasise some colours and make the subject stand out more. I think doing so polishes the image making it more professional.


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