P2P Reflection – Final

I am satisfied with the outcome of this project. I think that it portrays the message that Taewon Hwang wanted to say and the imagery compliments his words. We carefully chose the shots used, the words he said and the general mood that we wanted to achieve.

I think it will attract our target audience which are 20 to 30 year olds, graduates, looking for work or passions in their life but not knowing what that might be. That age range could possibly like the colour correction that I have done which gave this “Instagram” feel to it. Personally I think of it to be over used but I did notice how something as simple as that can change the mood of the film or someones view on it.

As with my Poetic Eyes, I found the sound to be the worst part of the video. Sound is one of the most important part of a documentary which s why it needs to be the best it can be. Next time I will make sure that all electronics and things that could disturb the quality of sound, will be turned off from the very beginning. I will also use a secondary mic as a back up. Editing and checking the sound on bigger speakers or the lecture rooms might be useful because you can not pick up all the sounds and background noise when using macbook speakers or headphones. This is also a good way to check the volumes of tracks as two of our audio tracks were too quiet and too loud.

One other thing we need to improve on is planning and getting to know the interviewee better before the day of the shooting.

Overall I think it was a good piece of work, showing Taewons view of the world well and was enjoyable to watch.


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