P2P Reflection – Production

Because of the late decision with the idea, we did not have the time to create a physical shot list. We had to make sure that we have a good idea of possible shots and questions that we need to ask to create a piece that will be satisfactory and will cover the brief of this interview(working life of Taewon Hwang). We decided on a simple interview in an empty part of the restaurant behind a desk. We made a list of questions about him, varying from the basic work question, through the differences in living in Korea and here, and ending with his life passions.

We mainly wanted to concentrate on him speaking behind the desk and not using too many cut aways. During the interview we tried to use a variety of shots and angles to make it more interesting and cut from one to another as he speaks so the end product is not too still and boring. At the same time we didn’t want to cut to a completely different place, distracting from what he is saying.

Since the interview takes place in a restaurant we also shot many scenes in the restaurant showing the decor, food and Taewon serving people and working behind the bar. We kept on shooting even during his cigarette break for which we both agreed creating a real nice shot of him smoking.

Unfortunately there was a building side right next to the small restaurant which made it impossible to shoot outside with the sound. The noise could also be heard inside however after turning off all electronics such as the refrigerator and the air con we managed to create a good sound quality with little background noise using the boom mic. We could improve on that by bringing an additional, back up, clip on mic however we were new to the sound equipment and we didn’t know exactly what is necessary.


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