TV Studio Update

I have fallen behind with updating my blog. I am still not used to writing posts and updating it with my developments/TV Studio experience. I do manage to take notes which makes the transfer to an online medium much easier.

Our TV Group was chosen to do Spontaneity. I was not happy with that theme because we have weeks to prepare our show and that is the complete opposite of spontaneity. I didn’t know how we will manage to make the show both spontaneous and organised/polished at the same time…

Our first days in the studio were supervised. We were learning about the equipment, job roles and health and safety as well as familiarising with some of the job roles. We also had an extra session with the mentors, unfortunately only 3 of us turned up. This meant that I, Nick and Daisy got an extra session to get to know different roles. It really helped me out to choose the right role for me. After a few sessions of trying out different roles in the studio we decided to choose our roles and take a vote on who’s doing what. I chose the role of a Floor Manager, Camera 1 and Video Mixer. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to be the Floor Manager so I became the camera man.

List of job roles

We also started to brainstorm and came up with the idea of fashion. Not just any fashion, recycled material fashion. This was put forward by some of our team members and inspired by the Recycled Fashion week which is on around the same time our show will go live. After a few sessions with a temporary script, lacking presenters and everyone trying out their new roles; I realised that this wasn’t as easy task as I though. It is much harder to work in a bigger group than our small, short video groups.

15 – 21 April

This is our first week after the Easter Break, we didn’t contact each other that much over the holiday until the last few days when we made sure that everyone knows when and where to meet up. The producers, scriptwriters and director had a meeting on monday to decide on the first draft of the script. I didn’t attend it because as a cameraman, I didn’t think I had a say in the script.



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