Blog Post I: Development

Spontaneity is a difficult theme. How can a show practiced for 2 or so months be spontaneous? We found the idea of this quite challenging but it didn’t stop us, we started brainstorming straight away. We came up with the idea of an eco fashion show. We chose it because it’s quite different and original. After doing some research and looking through some vt’s we decided to alter our idea a little bit by filming the Coventry residents answering some random questions as well as having a performance in our show and a “random moment” during the show.

I wasn’t personally close to the research of VTs because I was responsible for the graphics which would be shown throughout the show. My ideas changed and developed as the ideas for the show changed. Earlier in the year I learned about the importance of branding and how the logo or the opening sequence can set a pace and a theme for the whole company/show. This meant that I really had to think about the opening sequence for it to nicely represent what our show is about, as well as be recognisable and unique.

I started with the idea of change. The logo would start blank and unattractive and then suddenly gain colour and movement engaging the audience and promising unexpected happenings in the show. Here is my first idea as a 5sec clip:

My next idea was based around the theme of the show(fashion) and I imagined creating an opening sequence which included a wardrobe opening inviting the audience into the show however after hours of experimenting in Adobe After Effect I realised I was in over my head and abandoned that idea.

My latest concept(which i kept on developing) was relatively simple. I created a two coloured, fuzzy(static) background and a simple font with floral accents. Once I imported it to AF I made  random camera movements, made it look like the floral patters are “growing” from the letters and added a splash of paint saying “Fashion Show Edition”. I was happy with this simple design. It’s colourful, has movements and matches the theme of fashion because of the colour scheme and the floral images:

After another meeting we decided not to concentrate on fashion so much and go for a broader audience and a show which changes its main subject each week. This meant that I had to alter my title sequence. I changed the colours to more neutral/male oriented because these colours (green/blue) can target both males and females unlike the previous colours (blue/red) which would be undesirable by the male population. I also changed the splash text to “Group C – Spontaneity”:

The last alteration I made to the opening titles was sparked by the creation of a new logo by our group member; Aukse. Our whole team really liked the design so I decided to implement it in our opening sequence. First thing I did was changing the colour scheme. Unfortunately Aukse only made a small version of her design which meant that there was no option for manipulation. This meant that I had to recreate the logo from scratch for me to be able to fully use it. One party I found harder than I thought would be, was the small patterns in some of the lines. Because I had to re make the logo, I taught myself how to download free and create my own patterns for the paint bucket tool which was a fun experience and something that I would definetly play around with in the future.

The new logo created new possibilities for the movement of the camera in the sequence. I animated the making of the logo and followed it using the camera as well as used the previous function(.wiggle) to create the fast paced motions. I think this really improved the final outcome. I think it appeals to our target audience (18-25 yr old, m/f, students) because of the vibrant colours, rapid movement, paint splash(graffiti-like) and the music(courtesy  of Bossman Static):


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