Blog Post III: Professional Development

pistachio-logo.gifOver the past few months I have learned the importance of self branding, being professional and creative. The media world is enormous and online presence is key to being noticed. Unfortunately I’m one of the young people that doesn’t find social networks such as Facebook and Twitter that appealing. I prefer applications and websites which are more private, can be used easily for communicating without everyone knowing everything and/or have a certain feel of closure. According to this article I’m not the only one.

This made it difficult for me to to create an online presence which would stand out from the rest and attract the right kind of audience. However at the same time, I kept my online presence tidy and professional. I have a Facebook account which I occasionally check for updates but don’t post on it myself. I don’t have a twitter account because I know that I wouldn’t really post anything on it.

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 14.26.05


I do own two tumblr blogs which I update regularly. I set it up my professional/work blog after creating my logo. I use my logo or my name wherever I post my work. This way, whoever sees my work will associate it with my name. An advantage of tumblr is that it has a community of people with similar interests to yours. This way my posts are more likely to be seen by other people with similar style compared to wordpress or wix where it’s more difficult to find blogs which suit a specific fan base.

As a first year I think it is more beneficial for me to use sites such as tumblr which are used my media professionals as well as beginners and artists from all around the world. This way I can create a portfolio of work for a future, more professional website where I can truly advertise myself.



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