Blog Post IV: Evaluation

This module varied over the months; it taught me the importance of branding and how a logo(or an ident) can set the mood for the whole organisation and either make it successful and recognisable or the exact opposite. It also allowed me to work in a big group where team work was really important. Unfortunately this didn’t go as smoothly as it could have. I think the lack of team work and participating in all of the group meeting and sessions let us down a little. It didn’t allow us to prepare and rehears as well as we could have. We had a few disagreements and at the end, closer to the deadline, all the work was on the shoulders of a small group of individuals.

However at the end we pulled ourselves together and managed to create a fun, spontaneous and concise show. We had interesting guests including a skype interview with a VP of operations at TrendHunter, Shelby Walsh (all the way from Canada) and a fashion designer student, Caroline Karro. We managed to create a good, professionally looking set which is an important part of a tv programme and even included some props from the performing arts department.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 14.52.11

I think that the content itself was well chosen and represented our theme nicely. One lecturer mentioned lack of announcements of whats coming up etc and I agree with this to some degree. At the very end of the show we didn’t really have time to announce the last VT clip and the performance but I think this little slip up didn’t make the show any less interesting.

Overall I think that we did a good job with the tv show, especially when it was a first time in a studio for some of us. I also think that the first part of the course, taught us the importance of branding which made it easier for us to create our logos, idents and the website which is an important part of any tv show.


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