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P2P Reflection – Final

I am satisfied with the outcome of this project. I think that it portrays the message that Taewon Hwang wanted to say and the imagery compliments his words. We carefully chose the shots used, the words he said and the general mood that we wanted to achieve.

I think it will attract our target audience which are 20 to 30 year olds, graduates, looking for work or passions in their life but not knowing what that might be. That age range could possibly like the colour correction that I have done which gave this “Instagram” feel to it. Personally I think of it to be over used but I did notice how something as simple as that can change the mood of the film or someones view on it.

As with my Poetic Eyes, I found the sound to be the worst part of the video. Sound is one of the most important part of a documentary which s why it needs to be the best it can be. Next time I will make sure that all electronics and things that could disturb the quality of sound, will be turned off from the very beginning. I will also use a secondary mic as a back up. Editing and checking the sound on bigger speakers or the lecture rooms might be useful because you can not pick up all the sounds and background noise when using macbook speakers or headphones. This is also a good way to check the volumes of tracks as two of our audio tracks were too quiet and too loud.

One other thing we need to improve on is planning and getting to know the interviewee better before the day of the shooting.

Overall I think it was a good piece of work, showing Taewons view of the world well and was enjoyable to watch.


P2P Reflection – Editing

After shooting the interview and reviewing the material we made a list of shots that we would like to include. We tried to follow our main idea which we came up with before the shoot however not all the shots looked as we liked and the interview went a slightly different way.

I was the main editor in the group. I did most of the editing individually with some help from my group members after showing them the rough cut.

I used footage from the interview and some cut – aways however I tried to include Taewon in most of the shots. This would give the piece some movement but at the same time it wouldn’t distract too much from the interview. We used L cuts to make the piece more interesting by not dragging on the talking too much while only showing the interviewer. We used other shots instead while Taewon was talking however we tried to keep that to minimum so that we don’t distract from the interview.

To give the video some character we played around with the brightness and contrast to emphasise some colours and make the subject stand out more. I think doing so polishes the image making it more professional.

P2P Reflection – Production

Because of the late decision with the idea, we did not have the time to create a physical shot list. We had to make sure that we have a good idea of possible shots and questions that we need to ask to create a piece that will be satisfactory and will cover the brief of this interview(working life of Taewon Hwang). We decided on a simple interview in an empty part of the restaurant behind a desk. We made a list of questions about him, varying from the basic work question, through the differences in living in Korea and here, and ending with his life passions.

We mainly wanted to concentrate on him speaking behind the desk and not using too many cut aways. During the interview we tried to use a variety of shots and angles to make it more interesting and cut from one to another as he speaks so the end product is not too still and boring. At the same time we didn’t want to cut to a completely different place, distracting from what he is saying.

Since the interview takes place in a restaurant we also shot many scenes in the restaurant showing the decor, food and Taewon serving people and working behind the bar. We kept on shooting even during his cigarette break for which we both agreed creating a real nice shot of him smoking.

Unfortunately there was a building side right next to the small restaurant which made it impossible to shoot outside with the sound. The noise could also be heard inside however after turning off all electronics such as the refrigerator and the air con we managed to create a good sound quality with little background noise using the boom mic. We could improve on that by bringing an additional, back up, clip on mic however we were new to the sound equipment and we didn’t know exactly what is necessary.

P2P Reflection – Research

Unfortunately since we had to change our ideas last minute I didn’t have much time to research the subject itself. I looked at some articles about Korean food and restaurants to give me some potential ideas for the visuals. We also found some korean music videos and short documentaries but that was about it regarding the Korean waiter, Taewon Hwang.

I was never a documentary fan however this project required me to look more into it. I have seen a few documentaries, varying in style and content to look into the codes and conventions of said styles. I started with “Supersize Me” by Morgan Spurlock and I was not impressed. Whether it was the visuals, the camera work or content, it simply looked amateurish. I think this documentary gives the wrong idea to the general public about documentaries. On the other hand this style of editing and the look appealed to the target audience.

One other documentary that I have recently watched was “The Imposter”. I really enjoyed watching this documentary however that’s partially because I enjoyed the subject; murder, mystery and delusion. One aspect of that film that I thought worked well was the reenactment of certain scenes and reactions to visualise the words spoken by the interviewees. Some might say that it is not right or it is biased to reenact scenes however I think that it works well with some documentaries and gives it some depth or simply gets the audience more engaged whereas some documentaries are too factual, well known or cover subjects that are happening right and do not require said reenactments. The cinematic feel of certain scenes and the dark, ominous and high contrast colouring gave it certain look which appealed to a wider audience. I think that in a way it resembled an episode of CSI or Bones or a similar US TV Drama. I think this “feature film/tv drama” look combined with the content made this documentary so popular.

I think that I might transfer some of the ideas or try and avoid others when editing my own documentary to create a piece that would suite my target audience as well as the subject that I’m covering.

Documentary Ideas

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 02.22.05As a group we have many ideas for our documentary and we are developing them all. There are three ideas to choose from and now it all depends on the location permits. I have sent an email to the headteacher of Betty Layward Primary School where my mother works but I have not received a reply yet.

From my treatment it looks like the documentary about my mother would be more about the school and kids than herself so I started to think about how to make it more personal. Firstly we decided that it would be better if we film the interview in polish. This would reinforce the idea of being an immigrant and teaching the young minds of Britain in English. One other idea involves using pictures from my mums past and see her grow up in front of our eyes just as the kids will soon. Here is a test of that idea that i created in AF, it still need tweaking and possibly repositioning and timing:

I was thinking of the interview starting this way and then morphing into Dorota’s face as she is interviewed, however its all up for discussion.

Poetic Eyes Feedback

On February the first we had a whole day of watching poetry videos made by the whole class. It was a long day, full of sad, inspiring, motivating, eye opening poetic short videos with many important subjects which ranged from war and cruelty to environment and being a teenager.

I think my video was not bad comparing it to the other ones. Unfortunately I had troubles with sound. It was definitely too quiet for a viewing in a classroom. Note to self: preview videos before showing them in class/edit sound during the day, without headphones on.

I was also told that I used quite strong imagery which was good because my subject is still difficult to think about but I should have used a different image for my last shot. I agree with that because out of all the footage that I used, my last shot was not as shocking as it could have been. I was suggested to use an image of kids, standing in two rows, waiting to be used as a medical experiment. I think that this image would be stronger as the final image.